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Did I say that I like to read? I'm not picky about what I will read, I will read almost anything, and practically everything! In fact I consider myself to be a bit of a speed reader. Maybe that's why I like to research so much.

I am a SAHM (stay at home mother). I studied Radio & Communications in college and worked free lance for a while, then I got a job working in group homes with Mental and Physically challenged children. I then went on to get my Child and Youth Worker Degree.

My current project is my blog, My Baby is Teething.

My daughter says she wants to be a Prima Ballerina, and then teach Ballet. She definitely loves to Dance!

My husband and I do have a small business, Custom Painting Studio, he is a fantastic artist and loves to create things in all mediums. He creates and I take care of the marketing and business.

When Will My Child Start Losing Their Baby Teeth?
Just when you thought the angst of teething was over, it begins again! Normally, before your child even gets their first loose tooth, their first 2 adult teeth start moving in. These are the 6 year molars, they will grow up top ,behind the baby teeth at the back of…
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The Introduction Of The Hot Rod T - Bucket Roadster Now And Forever the Ultimate Hot Rod
“Hot Rodding” really started to take root in the 1930’s. Drivers, as they always do, wanted to go faster, and they figured out that stripping the car down, made it lighter and faster. Soon hoods, bumpers, and fenders were being removed, just the bare minimum remained. Many different body styles…
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Teething Bling- A Great Teething Toy And the Ultimate Mom Jewelry!
I am addicted to necklaces! I always have been, I just don’t feel right unless I have a necklace on that I can fiddle and play with. When I became a mother, I went through some serious necklace withdrawal. My daughter seemed to love my necklaces just as much as…
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Tips for Brushing Babys Teeth! How to Keep Your Babys Teeth Healthy!
Healthy Teeth make for a great smile! The key to healthy teeth is having a good routine in place for brushing your baby’s new teeth. How do you come up with a good routine? Keep it simple and make it fun! Keeping your baby’s teeth and mouth healthy starts right…
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BPA Free Baby Teethers! Choosing The Right Teething Toys For Your Baby!
So many teethers, so little time! How do I choose the best baby teethers for my baby? Watch your baby play, what toys do they like, do they have a few that they just love? With so many options available, you should be able to find a teething toy that…
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Homeopathic Teething Remedies for Babies
Getting new teeth is painful! It can be hard to know how to help your teething baby. My daughter was an absolute wreck when she was teething! As we both began to lose more and more sleep, I started to wonder where my sweet little girl had gone. With a…
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How to Soothe A Teething Baby
Teething baby won’t sleep? A grumpy crying baby? Baby won’t eat? Sound familiar? When my daughter started teething, her sleep went from “awesome” to “awful”. The days could be challenging, but the nights were the worst. It’s so hard to watch you baby in pain, and if this has been…
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