Miguel Castro (Street Articles Author)

Hi my name is Miguel, I’m a native New Yorker and Ecuadorian. I was born and raised in New York City, living all my life in the Big Apple. I am looking gearing and looking forward to one day moving out of New York to either start a new life in another city or a new experience. I enjoy traveling around from one country to another country to see what else is out in this world.

Recently, I purchased a domain and am currently working on a web site for anyone who is looking for ways to call internationally. For those of us who live here in the U.S, we have families and friends with whom we want to stay in touch and being able to do without spending so much money with just one phone call. For the last 6 years I looked for many ways to call my family in Ecuador and it was not very easy to do so. I spent lots of money calling internationally using the long distance international plan from my current and previous phone providers. I used to have AT&T and when I saw how much my phone bills kept coming out to be. I stopped calling to Ecuador and my relatives were very upset with me.

To this day I still keep searching for an affordable way to call Ecuador because it is one of the hardest countries to search for great deals. Most of the phone cards out there in the stores have great deals for other countries, but not really for Ecuador. Because of this reason, I decided to create a website that people can reference to and not have to go crazy looking for this sort of information. More importantly, I am certain that Ecuador is not the only country that people are looking great deals. There is possible list of countries that don’t have good deals, which people are looking for too.

Because of this reason, I decided to make a website called MakingInternationalCalls.org. The purpose of this website is to bring you information on affordable ways to make a call from the U.S to another country without having to spend so much money. More importantly, it’s to share information that you can share with your friends and family who are either are looking for a way to stay in touch with their loved ones and/or who frequently call internationally and are just tired of paying so much money on their phone bills.

So far I have found several ways to call Ecuador without breaking my wallet, but I am looking to bring you this information for other countries too. Right now this website does not have much, but I am slowly working on updating this website to bring you more information about calling internationally.

One last thing, this website is not just limited to calling countries in Central and South America, but to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. I know how important it is to stay in touch with family and friends, which is my passion for bringing you this website.

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