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Hi and welcome! Here is the place you can get to know me a little more. My name is Miguel. I am the owner of "How to Earn Money On Internet.net" and an Internet marketer. Maybe I was supposed to tell you that I am an experiment and very successful guru on Internet Marketing. However, that would not be very honest of me and I would definitely be betraying my principals. I am in fact on the right road to success but I have not reach it yet, at least in what my parameters are concerned. You know... I am very ambitious and I am never absolutely satisfied. Anyway, I am a 48 years old guy (or should I say 48 years Young? ;)). I worked for twenty years in public administration. I have a master degree in social sciences and, at the beginning, I liked what I was doing. After twenty years although, I got tired and I retired myself from the job. I wanted more. I Wanted a change on my life and I then decided to take a new challenge. It had to be something that I could do by myself and in my own terms. It also had to be something from which I could earn money. As an Internet fan I decided to go and try to be an Internet marketer. I didn't get successful right away. As a matter of fact, I should say that I got scamed for twice and my opinion about Internet Marketing changed. Back then I was tempted to think that it maybe wasn´t right for me because I just could not go for a business which success depended on cheating people. I gave it a thought and I realized that it could not be like that. I had purchased some products myself from the Internet and I was very satisfied at them,. So, the thing was that at that time I had gone to meet the wrong people. I was looking to learn how to earn money on Internet, and I simply got caught by some hype promising easy wealth. What I should do, I thought, was to go a little further on my search and find something serious where I could learn real Internet Marketing, knowing that no one will ever get reach in two weeks unless they earn the lottery. With that in mind, refusing to act on emotions, I happened to meet Wealthy Affiliate and subscribed as a platinum member. That turned to be my best step towards my goal of becoming an Internet marketer. There I got to know everything there is to learn about Internet marketing and about how to earn money on Internet. Wealthy Affiliate is a big community of Internet Marketers who are constantly interacting and sharing experiences and knowledge. Beside that, great step by step courses are provided with permanent support and there is not a chance that anyone doesn´t earn money on the Internet if following their advices and education. Back to myself, I turned to be a full time Internet marketer and I am going so well that I decided, among other profitable sites that I have made on other niches, to build a blog where I could help people find their way on how to earn money on Internet without having to get previously scamed as it happened to me. The reality is that, on the critical times that we are living, there are too many people needing to earn some extra money or even that have lost their jobs and I decided that I should show people that there are always good alternatives being Internet Marketing one of the greatest if well oriented. That is all for now. I invite you to take a look at my blog and I hope that any of its posts can help you taking an educated decision on earning money on Internet and, who knows, maybe in turning you to be a new colleague of mine at Wealthy Affiliate University. I wish you all the best Miguel PS: Don´t forget that you should always feel free to email me at miguelbm@howtoearnmoneyonInternet.net.
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