Mikayla Wilson (Street Articles Author)

Certified Laser Specialist at Beautiful Laser Center, Galveston, TX. Expert in C02 Fractional Resurfacing, Laser Tattoo and Hair Removal, having performed over 3000 procedures. Owner and V.P. of Product Development for Ultra Coconut Oil (UltraCoconut.com), specializing in organic coconut oil products and other products for long-life and health. Mom to two awesome sons and recording artist with Godfire Music Ministry.

Lasers Vs IPL - What's the Difference?
Why Do I Care? When you read bad write-ups about laser hair removal -- like "it didn't work" or "it took 20 sessions" -- you are probably reading about someone who has had IPL, and just didn't know it was not actually laser. There are many places now that advertise…
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Fraxel Before After Acne
One of the greatest pleasures of being a Laser Specialist is seeing a client return -- their original demeanor of low self-esteem gone -- face and skin glowing, head held high, smiling and thanking our staff for the change to their life. Acne and acne scars are truly not just…
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