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Symptoms Of Migraine Headaches And Possible Causes
Now I've never had migraine, but I know plenty of people who have. The closest I've come to such a hellish pain was when I used to contract my weekly stress headaches. They were quite bad enough, thank you. Pain and symptoms for migraine headaches affect about 30 million Americans,…
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What Does Schizophrenia Mean? Are There Two Of Us?
Schizophrenia is a most unpleasant, debilitating condition that affects about 1% of the population of the United States alone. This translates into about 2,000,000 people. It seems to be about one and a half times more common in men than in women, and is a psychotic mental illness. What does…
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The Pain Of Breaking Up 6 Steps To Lessen The Agony
"When that man bumped into us at the restaurant last night -- and it was obviously on purpose--all you did was to apologize to him. My God, you're so damn spineless. This is the final straw, John. I'm off. I want a real man." Or he may start on her.…
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Do You Suffer From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? 4 Ways That May Help
Obsession! There are two types of obsession; animate and inanimate. An example of the latter is someone who feels that if they don't put on their right shoe first when dressing, then something utterly disastrous will happen. The former, the animate obsession, is the person who obsesses over a member…
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How Do You Keep A Marriage Happy?
Now, I'm going to tell you something that'll blow your boots off. It is possible to have a happy marriage. Yes, really, it is! Further to that, I'm going to answer your question; how do you keep a marriage happy? One of the problems that young couples face, is that…
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Is It Possible To Cure Alcoholism?
Alcoholism is an illness, in just the same way as diabetes, neuro-muscular disease, fetal disease and any other disease is an illness. It's an illness because the person smitten with it is unable to stop drinking without very considerable help. The question; is it possible to cure alcoholism? is no.…
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Domestic Abuse And The Stockholm Syndrome
On August the 23rd, 1973, the Kreditbanken at Norrmalstorg in Stockholm, Sweden, was raided and the employees held hostage until the 28th. of that month. A number of the employees became emotionally attached to the bandits and even defended them when they were finally apprehended. The term 'Stockholm Syndrome' was…
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Why Stay In An Abusive Relationship?
There is no question that the vilest and most despicable situation is the abusive relationship, be it physical or psychological. The abuser is usually the husband, although we're seeing more and more wives now bullying their husbands, but usually psychologically. There's the obvious question. Why stay in an abusive relationship?…
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Do You Suffer From Jealousy? 4 Tips That May Help
Ah jealousy! The little green bloke with teeth. Do you suffer from jealousy? It eats its way into your heart, doesn't it? Sleeping can be a problem. You want to check up on your partner all the time. Who's she talking to? Why did he hang up the phone as…
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How Do I Overcome My Insecurity?
Anxiety makes us look for trouble. People who are afraid of flying tend to look out of the window to make sure both wings are still there! Assumption can be another enemy. "The swine didn't ring me when he said he would. I know he's seeing that damn woman. It's…
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