Mike Custalow (Street Articles Author)

Hello there my name is Mike Custalow! Thanks for checking out my profile. To make a very long story very short, my spiritual journey started a few years ago (07) when I saw a documentary on the Crystal Skulls.

Fast forward to now, I'm into the expansion of consciousness. I started getting really into meditation recently and I'm learning a lot, but my main passion is aliens and UFO's. You know all that weird stuff:).

I was hoping that I could meet other authors with similar interest, so we might be able to share tips and information.

If you would like to know more about me, or would just like to say 'HI', please don't hesitate. I'm really friendly and love chatting about anything and pretty much everything. Thanks and have a great day!

Am I Psychic?
This is probably a question you’ve asked yourself before, either jokingly or seriously. Am I Psychic? Have you ever thought of a friend, that you haven’t heard from in a while, and then all of a sudden you get a call from them? More recently, maybe you log onto your…
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Proof Of Aliens
Skeptics and naysayers can often rely on the fact that there is no physical evidence to prove the proof of aliens. If you take the time to do a little research, you can turn up some very interesting findings. After doing a little research on my own I came up…
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Sumerian Aliens
Whether you know it or not, you may have recently been exposed to Sumerian aliens. Ever see a show on the History channel called Ancient Aliens? Most people have, especially the ones reading this article. The show explores the possibility that extraterrestrials either helped, or at times may have hindered,…
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Alien Encounters
First of all with the evolution of Ufology and its terms, it is important that we define what an alien encounters are. Quick history lesson; back in 1972 a guy named J. Allen Hynek coined the term close encounter. This is an event in which the person witnesses a flying…
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Meditation Exercises
If you're looking for a change in your life, meditation exercises are a great way to improve your focus and general well-being. You’re probably thinking; ‘So what? That still doesn’t mean that I have hours a day to sit around and search for inner peace.’ That’s o.k., you don’t need…
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