Mike Dowsing (Street Articles Author)

Mike has a background in the printing industry, and has only recently tried his hand at internet marketing, specifically around his passion of cycling. Having written nothing larger than a cheque since high school, he is finding article writing challenging but rewarding.

Dahon Folding Bikes
Why would you buy a Dahon Folding Bike? Well I think a good quality folding bike is seriously cool. I mean think about it, anybody can have a “normal” bike, but a folding bike, well that’s different. Imagine riding to work on your new folding bike, for a start people…
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Gopro Hero 3+ Accessorories
GoPro Camera Accessories Ok so you’ve bought your GoPro Hero 3+ camera, now you need to think about which accessories you need. This will depend on your sport and equipment you have. But rest assured there is a myriad of GoPro Hero 3+ accessories available to suit every possible sport…
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What is A Gopro?
If the question what is a Gopro? means nothing to you, then you are obviously not a sports person, or you’ve been living in a cave. Gopro camera’s have revolutionised the way sports people and adrenalin junkies have videoed their exploits. There has been a real surge in sports and…
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Road ID Band
Would you rather wear a stylish Road ID Band when cycling, or risk being involved in a serious accident and have first responder's not know anything about you? Neither your name nor medical information. Having crucial medical information available on your Road ID Band can prevent serious delays in treatment…
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How to Cycle Faster
So You Want to Cycle Faster? Before we can learn how to cycle faster, we need to decide why do you want to cycle faster? Is it too win a sprint race? Or do you want to complete a century race in a better time than last year? Both of…
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Cleaning A Road Bike
Quick Clean for Your Road Bike Ok it’s the job we all hate. Finishing a long ride and all you want is couch time, but deep down you know you should spend a little time cleaning your road bike. Now you don’t need to do this after every ride, but…
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Do it Yourself Bicycle Maintenance
Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Here’s a question: How much do you spend on bicycle repairs and maintenance per year? Well I guess it depends on how much riding you do, and whether you road cycle or mountain bike, and how many bikes you own. Either way I suspect it will…
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Cycling Training Programs
Web Based Cycling Training Programs There are a plethora of training programs available to cyclists on the internet these days, from free to, quite frankly, silly money. Most programs used to consist of DVD’s hard copy books and manuals. Now the best of them are totally web based, where you…
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Cycling Nutrition Tips
Basic Cycling Nutrition As you start cycling you will naturally start to increase the distance of your rides, and possibly the intensity as well, so at this stage it’s a good idea to start thinking about nutrition on the bike. This doesn’t need to be hugely complicated, but a few…
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Training for A Cycle Tour
Cycle Tour Training So you’ve decided to do a multi day cycle tour. If you’re not used to riding reasonably long distances several days in a row, then you’ll need to do some training to make the tour enjoyable. Being totally smashed at the end of each day will make…
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