Milabel Wood (Street Articles Author)

I came to Australia when I was 17. I was married at the age of 21 and by the time I reached 25 I already had two children. Although I am extremely busy with my family commitment, I still managed to hold a full time job, and return to College to study Information Technology. I have always worked in finance. My current role as a Banking Administrator for a media company is also in Finance.

I wrote my first book when I was 12 and utilise the content as part of my assignment. I have always been interested in writing but I have not written anything substantial. Hence the decision to take a short course in Creative Writing at Sydney University to hone my writing skills.

For me writing is a path to expression. It’s within me which I can truly relate and express. It’s the window to my thoughts and imagination. Releasing the energy that surges in my being.

Oceanviews at Dangay
I am so lucky that I can call this place my home. Although I live in Australia, I have been blessed with an abode that my family, Ryan, Sharlene and I can enjoy and visit. It’s built over a sand. Maybe I should call it the SandCastle. In a few…
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The Pain Behind the Beauty
Beatrice lives in a Tudor house that she inherited from her grandparents at the end of my street. She rarely ventures outside except when she has to have her monthly medical check-up and even then, a van will pick her up and the driver will beep his horn twice and…
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