Milena Cakalo (Street Articles Author)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Milena and I live in Dubrovnik, Croatia yes that famous place among top 10 places to visit by many adveritsers.

I would like to share my observations of the world around me, things that intrigue me, some of my passions in life in an interesting way with intention of leaving you with wonder.

Since I come from the country with war background I would also love to share wisdom I gathered. I changed so many proffesions in life from Interpreter of English language within UN (after the war) to cleaning lady. I am happy personality who likes to explore many new interests and make them advetures. Feel free to add a comment to my articles. It's good to share ideas.

Is there Connection Between Dairy Products And Brest Cancer
My mother died of brest cancer which left me and my sister with 50% chances to get brest cancer according to a doctor. If I understood it correctly that would mean one of us would be affected by brest cancer. I was only 22 years old and made decision not…
By:  in  Cancer  >  Breast Cancer   Oct 24, 2013  
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How Can You Find Yourself on the Way Of Misconceptions
Many of us wonder what would be the way of self improvement. We all, without exceptions, have the improved "picture" of ourselves in our mind. Somehow it seems that is out of our reach to become that person. Even though we follow some advice in a book we recently read…
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