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Name: Milena Boyanova Todorova Date of birth: 22.04.1979, Bulgaria E-mail: website:

Brief: Graduate in Linguistics and Portuguese Philology from University of Sofia, high school studies in French & English. Passionate for writing and travel with some amateur and professional experience in both, among other. At present running my own small travel company focused on tailor-made travel and train tours, language and cultural trips, etc. Resident in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Married, two daughters.

Non - flyer On - air
Most kids dream of being a pilot, many young girls strive for working as air-hostesses. This was definitely not the case with me. I am a non-flyer. Non-flyer has no prejudice towards flying. He does not challenge this great achievement of men to dominate the skies and cross thousands of…
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Where is Bulgaria?
Where are you from? Russia? Yes, I recognized that “rrr” sound, so we could talk over poetry while sharing a bottle of vodka… Or may be you are French and I must start “parler en français” immediately or should we kiss first? Not again? Well then, I bet you are…
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