Millicent Perry (Street Articles Author)

Hi there! My name is Millicent (first name only like Oprah ). I am a mother of two rambunctious boys and a cool, calm and collected husband. I am also an author and certified life coach. However, I am more of an ‘Information, Inspiration & Idea Coach’ because that is what I love to do – share information, inspiration and ideas with aspiring authors and entrepreneurs. It’s what I do! I am a cheerleader because I love to encourage and cheer others on as they work to achieve their goals. I hope you find something in my articles or my website that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Does This Business Make My Butt Look Big? - How to Find A Reputable Home Based Business That's A Good Fit For You
If you are looking for a reputable home based business, just think about the challenge that some people face when trying to find the perfect outfit. When we as women and some men, purchase a new outfit we may need a second opinion about how it looks when we put…
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