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My name is Milos Obrenovic and I am the owner of a site where you can find all about Pekingese dogs and care. On this site you can learn about Pekingese history and origin, you can use tools; seek advice about breeding, feeding, grooming, health etc. I have always loved dog’s especially Pekingese dogs. I had the one sweet female Pekingese dog with which I spent a wonderful 13 year. All in all she is a main reason I write about them.

Throughout my life I've had a lot of interest in different things but one that I has always been interested in, is one of the most searchable and debatable questions "How To Be Happy In Life" I also wonder like all other people, what is the big secret what can make our life more beautiful, prosperous and make us happy. Is there somewhere the recipe for happy life? Is there anyone, anywhere who can show us how to live better or we have to find it on our own way?

Since my son was born a desire for this knowledge has become even more significant because I want to teach him and give him even better start to live happily and joyfully through his life. I am sure that this is also the wish of all parents in the world.

So I decided to build another site where I can share my experiences in life, to hear other people's experience and exchange them. My wish is also to bring more productive and useful material that could be of interest to someone, to spend a few quality minutes on his own self, while on my site and find some joy. If could be more than that, it’s even better.

I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate University a great place where I finally found how to meet old wish to learn about Internet marketing. To learn how to become the Internet marketer is not easy but I think it's worth it! The important thing is that through the internet marketing, anyone can get a long desired freedom and independence, which is in my opinion the most important thing in life to all of us.

Avoid Bad Breath In Dogs
Bad breath medically termed as Halitosis is a condition where one can feel or smell noticeably unpleasant odors that commonly originate from the mouth. Dogs are no exceptions to this issue and this might be a matter of concern to all the pet owners. Various reasons are explained under the…
By:  in  Pets   Mar 05, 2012  
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Life Balance
The happiness in life is guaranteed not by the things happening in and around it but by the presence of balance in it. Life becomes better only when things are kept stable. A life like this can make you happy and help you in keeping things your way. You might…
By:  in  Self Improvement   Mar 01, 2012  
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Inspiration As State Of Mind
Getting inspired brings a wave of joy in a person. In its presence, a person intensely desires to succeed and make advancements in life. Inspiration is known to be a unique key to the lock of success, which cannot ever be replaced. People often try to find their sources of…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Personal Growth   Mar 01, 2012  
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Pursuit Of Goals
Accomplishing goals is the biggest challenge in life. No matter how difficult it might seem, we should put all our efforts and try to get what we want. It is said that the thing for which a person is really passionate about always takes place. Beyond all the negative things…
By:  in  Self Improvement   Feb 27, 2012  
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The Path to Happiness
Looking Towards a Happy and Prosperous Life We all aim to be happy, but something always makes our path towards blissful living difficult. There is always something or the other missing for some people in their lives. Like for some there might be a lack of time to enjoy simple…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Motivation   Feb 22, 2012  
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Dreaming And Living
We often hear people talking and discussing on how to live their dream. Sure we all have a right to dream, but we also need to put in efforts to realize that. Simply dreaming and wishing is only going to let our dreams remain a dream and never get to…
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Health Problems In Pekingese Dogs
The origins of Pekingese dogs can be traced back to ancient China and it is one of the most popular breed of toy dogs across the world. However the unique appearance and characteristics of these dogs do lead to a lot of heath issues in them as they were only…
By:  in  Pets   Feb 16, 2012  
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What is That Makes Our Life Worth Living?
If you are given a questionnaire asking what is it about your life that is worth living, chances are different people will list down different answers. The question will perhaps make you pause for a while and ponder over as to what really makes you tick and matters to you…
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Adopting A Healthy Dog
If you've decided to get a dog, you may feel the pressure to run to your nearest animal shelter and rescue the first puppy that stares up at you. There are, however, things you need to think of when adopting a dog: you want to get a dog that's healthy,…
By:  in  Pets   Jan 24, 2012  
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Dogs And Fashion
There was a time when you would never have seen the words "dog" and "fashion" side by side, but times have changed. There are various categories of dogs including working dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, companion dogs, lap dogs and fancy dogs. Along with fancy dogs, comes dog fashion and…
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