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She first wrote a novel at the age of 21 before having acquired a BS degree but having had an excellent high school education. It was because of that that she ever considered earning money writing. Her first published novel was only released in 2015, more than 20 years after she had first written one. She hopes to get the remake of that first one released within the next 2 years but isn't holding her breath.

During her late 30s, Miriam had a small break through and started getting paid at least a little bit regularly for writing, but normally at what might be called 3rd world wages. Despite this, her love for the craft of writing has caused her to continue to seek to improve not only in her craft but also in making the business aspect of it work.

To accomodate reality, Miriam expanded to include writing nonfiction, writing short works, and ghostwriting both fiction and nonfiction rather than only writing and submtting entire fiction novels or only fiction stories. She also writes poetry.

The philosophy booklet Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them was published in 2012 by Wilder Publications, and The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead was published by SBPRA in 2015. These works and more are available both through her website and via Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.. At brick and mortar book stores it may be necessary to request the item from the info. desk rather than finding it on the shelf.


Miriam has only ever won one athletic trophy. It was for women's novice martial arts sparring with LaVallee's Sport Karate in 1984 or 1985. The competition was regional. She was 17 at the time.

She did get Lifegaurd Certification at age 18.

Everson Museum of Art granted her an Honorable Mention in a visual art contest by high school students in the city of Syracuse NY in 1986.

In 1986 her peers voted her Most Unique Girl of Nottingham High School, Syracuse NY. In general terms she was one of the smart girls and a lot of her friends were moderate Hippie Liberal smart girls and even also boys.

It was a long time between then and the next award, but her BS degree is cum laude (2nd Honors), 1994.

Iliad Press Summer Art Awards: Honorable Mention for short fiction: 2002.

Intl. Society of Poetry:2 Editor's Choice Award for free verse poetry, 1 in 2003 & 1 in 2008.

Angie's Diary: Participation Award: Author of the Month July 2012

Adult Events. At age 27 she became a mother. She has one living child, a son.

She did marry and has both the love marks and emotional scars to prove it. He is not with her today. She is grateful that everyone is still alive.

She has lived mostly in the USA but lived in England for 5 years, and then after 10 years back in the USA, has been living in Germany since mid August of 2010.

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