Mohale (Street Articles Author)

Hello,my name is Mohale and if you are reading through my profile then you must find a bit of intrest in what I write or maybe you just want to get to know me for some odd reason,whatever it may be,I am open to discussing anything.

I am 18 years of age and I stay in South Africa.I have taken an intrest in writing,mainly because it is FUN! and also because I want to establish myself as a online marketer so I've always thought what better of way a to do that,than to write about my knowledge and experience on matters of business,relationships,intrests and health.

I am somewhat experienced in marketing but not as much as I would like to be,I enjoy learning about the universe and sprituality,business stratergies and I love learning about people and issues that people battle with on a daily basis.I enjoy seeking out bits of information from my enviroment and online so that I can present to others the best possible solutions in hope's of solving their problem.

One thing I have come to realize is that we are all connected through universal consciousness, infinite love as spirit beings it is who we truly are,and so if I find that someone other than myself is suffering or is in turmoil in anyway,then I too am experiencing a signficant amount of pain,I dont mean literally but if you really think about it,you will see that one man's pain is the next man's pain and so on.So if I could relieve a friend of pain then I too will experience a great relief.

I love to skateboard! It's one of my deeply rooted passions and I cannot see myself leading a life without it.If there's one thing that makes me happy it would be skating with friends,skateboarding is really something out of this world for me,it has kept me away from falling astray into a path of darkness.I believe I am now enlightened and more fulfilled because of it and I will forever be grateful for having it in my life.

Another intrest of mine is Magic! I cannot get enough of watching shows where people perform amazingly mind blowing tricks of the mind,this stirs my imagination intensely and I always find myself wandering on strange concepts in my mind.

I enjoy all kinds of music,mainly alternative rock and classical stuff that is harmonious to the mind. If i could describe myself in 3 words...I'd say "Mysterious,Highly Energetic and Loving"

Well,I hope that I have stated enough information in this brief bio box to give you a general idea of who I am! If you have any questions about me and what I do then please feel free to email me.I am very thankful for your intrest and time in my writings...I know that we can become great friends and help each other in achieving our goals. Thank you for reading.

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