Molly Saker (Street Articles Author)

Molly has had a varied career which has covered Dental Nursing, Driving Instruction, temping at a local University and working from home as an audio typist. With two sons and wonderful husband life is good.

Best Advice for the Broken Hearted
Breaking up with your partner can hurt so much that it literally makes you ill and what you really need at this point in time is some best advice for the broken hearted to help you get through this awful time in your life. With the proviso that you listen…
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Five Reasons to Buy A Robot Floor Cleaner
Robotic vacuum cleaners hit the market in 1999/2000 and ever since that time, vacuuming the home has been revolutionised. The neat design of the robotic vacuum along with its advanced technology, has encouraged many people to buy their very own robotic vacuum cleaner for home use. Let’s see just what…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  Cleaning Tips and Tools   Dec 31, 2011  
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Essential Quilting Supplies for Beginners
So you’ve discovered quilting and are keen to take it up as a hobby. The very first thing that you will need, is to discover exactly what the essential quilting supplies for beginners are, so that you can make a start with your new hobby knowing that you have everything…
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How to Avoid A Love Break Up
Have you ever experienced a love break up? If so, then you will know just what a horribly painful time it is. Thinking back on the whole experience of your relationship after it has ended, you will probably realise that all the signs of the breakup were there, staring you…
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How to Make A Woman Happy
If you need to know how to make a woman happy you're in the right place for some down to earth help. Behave naturally The very first thing you must do is to always be yourself. It’s no good acting up to a girl because you think you don’t stand…
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Trust In A Relationship
Knowing how to build trust in your relationship is extremely important and must be nurtured over a period of time to enable the relationship to work. Building up that trust obviously takes time and it’s not always the first things that springs to mind that will help to make the…
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Use You Common Sense to Win Your Love Back
So you’ve split up but realise that you want to win your love back and you want to go about it the right way, without jeopardising any chances you have of getting back together. Many people want to win their love back but don't understand the correct way of going…
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Hampers for Grandparents
Choosing gifts for friends and family at Christmas can be the most daunting task of the year and each year we find yet again that we are struggling to think what on earth to buy for our nearest and dearest.Grandparents in particular can be very difficult to buy for especially…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Gifts   Nov 15, 2011  
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