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Parents Listen, Kids Talk
Parenting, the art of creating future of you child or at least affecting it, is as simple as it is complicated. Scary thin lines between providing and spoiling, overpowering and being soft; once done cannot be erased, redone. The best we can do is to consider kid’s personality as we…
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Give Your Hair a Lesson
There is nothing new under the Sun and there is nothing new in the idea of not washing you hair for a long time of period being good in many ways. Although it is almost scary and hard to put in action give it a second thought. I know it…
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Knowing Versus Applying
There always comes a time when you have to choose between thinking and acting. It is called growing up (-Albert Camus) Growing up is not a term related only to the number of years our physical body has existed. Everyone knows that. How smart we are! Let us list few…
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How Old Are You, Google?
If you are still young you might not know that Google was lunched in 1996, only!, it had a remark under search bar "Index contains 25 million pages ( soon to be much bigger )" and "Get Google! Updates monthly!" Did you know that Facebook was originally called TheFaceBook? By…
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Kids Of Our Era
Father noticed that his son spends too much time playing computer games. To motivate him to pay more attention to the studies, the father: "When Abraham Lincoln was your age, he read books next to a fireplace." "When Lincoln was your age, he was the president of the United States,"…
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Invisible People Of Syria
What happened to us? Why haven’t we learned? Isn’t there anything inside us telling right apart from wrong? Is humanity relative or absolute? The questions many rather ignore than answer. Or... if answered... will be a wall of excuses. It is truly sad to see in our era ignorance flowering…
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Beauty is Somewhere Between
The evergreen topic during the last 30 years; overweight. No end on sight. So let’s add one more article to this ocean. Seemingly obesity has nearly doubled since 1980 making it 10 % of world’s adult population suffering from few to many extra kilos. And an explanation by statistics is…
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Living to 100
Longer lifespan is not necessarily a hard task. Only about 25 per cent of our life expectancy is determined by genetics and 75 per cent is decided by factors we are in control of. Do not eat more than you really need, get plenty of physical and mental exercise. Do…
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