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I am a 24 year old mother of two wonderful daughters. I am currently in collage for a bachelor's in Business administration. I am a stay at home spouse to my 24 year old fiance, Chris. I have a great passion for animals, my kids, and my religion. I am a long time pagan, that is recently rediscovering my path in the Wiccan beliefs. I aspire to help the world by opening an animal shelter that takes in homeless and unwanted animals of all kinds, and gives them a safe place to rehabilitate and live without the worry of being put down, with the end goal that they will find forever homes. I hope you enjoy my articles, as they all come from these passions of my heart.

Animal Rescue And Shelters
I want to talk about how terrible it is that there are so few "no kill" shelters. Most shelters and city pounds kill animals every day without any reason other than the animals are taking up too much space. I am appalled, as a human being, at the disreguard for…
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