Nadine Teal (Street Articles Author)

Writing about myself feels totally weird. I prefer to listen, observe and learn. I find the world and all creation within it exceedingly fascinating. Perhaps this is due to my upbringing on a very remote chunk of African soil. Being an only child, I soon invented my own friends who accompanied me wherever I went. Best of all, I had the freedom within these vast spaces to live and learn. This environment offered tall trees which I'd climb, I could see as far as my eyes permitted and my mind to wander off over the horizon. Lie beside a stream and allow the frogs to send me off to sleep with their croaky lullaby's. Watch clouds float past as I lay on silky moss, some would collide, others quietly drift past while there were those that joined together and formed an entirely new arrangement. I soon discovered that if I really paid attention to all this wonderment, continually changing around me, I would never be lonely, I had constant company so long as I was amongst creation, not only did I have company, this was my "classroom" - Mother Nature - my Headmistress.

That was how I was to spend the first 6 years of my life. The day my black metal truck and I were transported off to boarding school, my life shattered, it all went steeply downhill. The first companions to desert me were my "friends" who'd never left my side. In retrospect, I certainly can't blame them, this boarding establishment with rules, confined spaces, shrieking staff and girls who said one thing and did another, was enough to chase any loyal friend away. Suddenly, the clouds, rain, sun, wind.... all appeared to have lost their voices too. I was completely on my own.

Hopefully my blogs will fill in a few of the missing gaps between then and now.

I am able to write again after many years of being silent, only because my God and His Creation are talking to me again.

I am looking forward to meeting you all on here. My prayer is that each of you will find something to be encouraged by, or simply, to just gain a smile. xxx

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