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The It Colors Of the Season, Coral And Mint Green
There is just no doubt about it, coral and mint green are definitely the hip color of the season, and possibly for more seasons to come. I’m not exactly sure myself about who started this buzz in the first place, but many assumed that it started from the runway of…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Fashion Style   Aug 22, 2012  
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How to Feel Beautiful About Yourself
It is easier said than done, and it always is. The thing about being able to feel beautiful about yourself, is that you have to be able to have the confidence to actually do it. You have to be able to feel like you are, not that you're supposed to…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Beauty   Jul 30, 2012  
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How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes
Baggy eyes with dark circles underneath is always unpleasant to look at, whether you're looking at it on the mirror or on others. It tells the world how hard your life is, how you're so loaded with so much work that you can barely get a good night sleep. There…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Beauty   Jul 26, 2012  
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Choosing the Perfect Blush For You
For us women, picking the right shades for everything in our makeup case is not easy. So, I'll provide a little information that hopefully will help you choose just the right blush for your cheeks. There are so many color options to choose from, from the lightest, palest color to…
By:  in  Womens Interests  >  Beauty Products   Jul 09, 2012  
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Learn From Joan Holloway, Everyone
The Mad Men series always have a knack for twisting plots and characters to hype our anticipation for what's to come. If there is one woman that really catches our eyes lately, it's Joan Holloway. As far as I know, both men and women are just as intrigued by this…
By:  in  Womens Interests   Jul 02, 2012  
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Homemade Beauty Products With Simple And Natural Ingredients
An average woman uses at least 10-12 beauty products a day. These products range from hair products, skin care, make ups, and nail care. These numbers are here because human, especially women have the need to feel and look beautiful, young, and perhaps neat. As a result, billions of dollars…
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Organizing Your Wardrobe
It's tough, but needs to be done, soon. Too many people buy too many things, then toss old stuff away because they think it's outdated, they got bored of wearing them, or those stuff don't suit their style anymore. If you're a bargain hunter, you would understand why our closets…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Fashion Style   Jun 29, 2012  
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