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Hi. This is Nancy Kaye. I’ve always enjoyed writing and used it in many areas of my life. Lately, I’ve concentrated on article writing. The topics are diverse: health, nutrition, exercise, fitness, cooking, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Up until now I never had my own website. I presently have my first one up and running. This site is all about cat owners and cat lovers. I chose this niche because cats have always provided me with love, companionship and happiness.

My goal is to entertain, engage and inform my readers on topics of interest to “cat people”. I hope my content resonates and brings to mind some of the pleasure moments that all cat lovers have experienced.

This website is by no means complete, so let me know your needs and wants. I'll do my best to deliver the goods

What Does Made In the USA Mean to You?
These words may be more meaningful than you think. Here is what they mean to me. These words determine the future prosperity of our economy and the consequent guarantee of our freedoms and values. This is an election year and it will be a crucial one. And there are a…
By:  in  Politics   Jul 27, 2015  
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Startling Events Can Affect One's Life In Unexpected Ways
Life can present you with some real surprises when you least expect anything to happen. These occurrences let you discover who you are based on your response to the situation. They stand out in one’s mind. I’m sharing one with fellow writers because our job is to offer new and…
By:  in  Writing and Speaking  >  Creative Writing   Dec 05, 2013  
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Are You Eating Processed Meats?
Unless you’re a vegan or Vegetarian you and your family probably are. And yet they have been found to be so dangerous to health that the World Cancer Research Fund recently published a report stating that processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. They recommended that you should stop…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Nutrition   Nov 03, 2013  
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Unforgettable Images Of the Desert
An image can create a powerful effect on a person; it impacts his universe and sticks in his mind. These mental pictures vary greatly from one person to another. And one usually isn’t able to predict which ones will affect him. The only way for someone to tell what’s had…
By:  in  Writing and Speaking  >  Creative Writing   Oct 22, 2013  
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How Can I Prevent My Cat From Getting Cancer?
Finding out that you, a family member or your beloved kitty has cancer is a highly emotional and life changing event. Cancer is a well- known risk. But once you experience it personally, it can no longer be ignored. I know this is true because I was diagnosed with lung…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Oct 08, 2013  
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I Dreamed I Traded In My Husband for A Pussycat
Sometimes our true desires manifest themselves in dreams. This occurred to me shortly after reading the local throw- away paper full of ads. One caught my eye right away. It was “Free Burmese Cat -10 month old male Burmese cat wants a home. He’s affectionate and playful with beautiful green…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Sep 08, 2013  
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Do Cats Feel Guilt?
Sometimes animals are very much like humans. When we do something wrong we feel guilt. Cats who are close to people can be in almost telepathic communication with them. And they are quick to pick up on emotions. This connection became real to me during a visit with my sister…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Sep 02, 2013  
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How to Wash a Big Cat
Some cats are agreeable to being washed and cooperate. In such a case all you need is the proper cat shampoo and a container large enough for the cat plus a good sized towel to dry kitty off. But there are some cats that hate water and resist your efforts…
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