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Hello! My name is Nataly Jacobs and I'm a web designer by profession. Although, I spend much time at work,there are lots of other things I'm interested in. These are traveling, scooba diving, reading, mountain climbing, camping, dancing and what not. As you see, I'm an active person and I have many friends, who share my views and hobbies. I'm also fond of writing informative articles on different topics, which may help people solve their problems and find out useful information. Hopefully, you will enjoy my articles as well!

Discover the Wonders Of the Wild World With Live Web Cams
Have you ever dreamt of watching nature in motion? Or, maybe, your kids keep asking you to show them the way wild animals behave in their natural surroundings, when there is no one watching their actions or scaring them? Regardless of the real intentions and reasons you have to look…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure   Apr 05, 2016  
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How to Shop for the Best Kitchen Appliances
A kitchen is that special place, where most people have meals and spend good time in the circle of their friends and family members. To be able to provide the maximum level of comfort to your loved ones, it is important to have versatile kitchen appliances at hand. With a…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Electronics   Mar 31, 2016  
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