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I highly recommend you purchase from where you will find their Oh So Pure! brand meets all of the criteria I mentioned. This company puts people before profits and is dedicated to providing high quality and organically grown chia seeds. You won't find a better company if you are serious about incorporating chia in your daily diet.

B2b Social Media Strategy And Advice for Brands In 2013
B2B marketing has historically been driven by “interruption marketing” – sales reps making cold calls, firing off cold emails, and marketers sending direct mail pieces hoping for a response – along with participation in industry conferences, events and publications. Social media has changed that. Now that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and…
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Can You Eat Chia Pet Seeds?
To answer the question simply, yes you can eat chia pet seeds. But it's the longer answer I want you to pay attention to. The seeds used on a chia pet are actually called chia seeds. The actual name of the plant is Salvia Hispanica. Without understanding that these seeds…
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