Nathaniel Chamberlin (Street Articles Author)

Name's Nathaniel (Nate) Chamberlin, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but lived in San Antonio, Texas since '96. I'm the worship leader for the youth at my church, part of the Texas National Guard, and full-time student at UTSA.

The Best Video Game Genre
With so many genres of video games out there and the potential for totally new genres to be created, an avid gamer is likely to develop a personal favorite based on what he/she grew up playing or their interests. Personally, I'd have to say that offline RPGs are my favorite…
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What to Expect at Basic Training
This past summer I left for Army Basic Combat Training. (BCT) I left because my brother joined the year before me, and he was getting a lot of money for school and bought a freaking sweet Mustang (so jealous!). I wanted to be banking like that too and I wanted…
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