Neil Firth (Street Articles Author)

Hi, I'm Neil from Manchester, England. I'm a dad to 2 wonderful children and in my spare time I enjoy playing golf, watching football (soccer) and also singing is a particular passion of mine.

Having worked for a number of large Corporates, I recently decided it was time to build my own business and wanted to create something that rewards me for the work that I put in hence why I am here.

The main reason I chose to write about music and singing was down to my 32 years experience in this 'hobby'. I currently direct (conduct) and coach a 5 time UK Champion a cappella barbershop chorus and we are a previous BBC Radio3 adult Choir of the Year winner.

I have taken my choir through to the World Championships on 2 separate occasions in Philadelphia and Las Vegas and we currently hold the highest singing and music scores of any UK choir in our genre.

I also sing in a new a cappella quartet 'Hustle', having won 2 UK Championships with previous quartets too.

Much of my 'spare' time in the UK is now spent coaching and helping other groups and individuals improve their singing techniques, having learned from some of the best (and worst) singing and performance coaches in the world.

This vast experience has now put me in the very fortunate position to be able to help others achieve their own singing goals.

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