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I am Nicole Poteet-Odessa Wagner, born on July 25, 1974 to the awesome Leo zodiac sign. I obtained my B.A. degree in human services with a focus on substance abuse counseling at Sojourner Douglas College, and my M.S. in Human Services Administration from both Coppin State University and the University of Baltimore. I’m currently working towards my Ed.D. doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with Argosy University. I have spent the past 18 years in the field of human services. But the past 6 years have been in the field of chemical dependency as an addiction counselor, but recently promoted to intake coordinator. In addition to my full time employment duties I am also a youth advisor and community advocate.

As a mentor for adolescent girls within my sorority, I’ve been one of many leading examples of finer womanhood, scholarship, and leadership. Inspired by my mentors, friends, and extended family, I am currently launching my own small business called Three Star Purpose. I firmly believe that a leader is responsible for setting the example for others to mirror. Trait theory concedes that leadership is a genetic trait. However, I strongly disagree with the notion of leadership chromosome. Leaders can be groomed, and leaders can emerge at the right time. Leadership can be learned through various spectrums; therefore, any pioneer can learn to lead by personal experience; e.g. frustration of ongoing ignored global problems. While I can’t attest to what others want in a leader, I can without a doubt say I look for integrity, consistency, compassion, good communication skills, genuine, and humility. One must be humble in order to lead, for a leader is sometimes in the background; e.g. unseen. If you are unwilling to follow, then you surely cannot lead. In order to manage a global workforce, leaders and managers must possess strategic planning competence, professional etiquette, supreme communication skills, professional awareness, and change flexibility.

My expectation of blogging; publishing various disccusions is to raise awareness to undetected issues in the style of organizational leadership. I also hope to inspire others and gain insight from all readers. My overall life goal is to become a teacher within various lecture venues, including communities. Leadership means seeing the problem and acting on resolving it without having to be told. No profound leader has ever waited to be told of needed change, that’s why leadership requires both unique and innovative individuals whom are self-motivated by their passion for progress.

Stewardship Vs Servant Leadership
The fundamental law guiding the conduct surrounding both stewardship, and servant leadership styles is simple. Individuals must possess the ability to empower, and influence all team members; especially senior executives. Leaders must be unaffectedly concerned with the aim of agency daily functioning, as well as the needs of team members.…
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My Letter To The People
Dear People, I aimed to write everyone this letter today but was afraid to risk it. I am almost crazy to think of what you all will say at mere thought of truth vs. blame. But here I sit tryping away with hopes that you will not judge me. I…
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