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Playing guitar is one of my passions in life, and i really enjoy sharing it with others. I don't consider myself to be a guitar teacher (even though i gave guitar lessons to some of my friends), but i like to help someone, when i can, to get better at playing guitar. That's why i started a small website dedicated to tips on learning to play guitar which is a work in progress. Beside guitar I may also talk about biking, swimming, and green technologies.

Best Guitar For Beginners – How To Chose the Right One
Choosing the best guitar for beginners can be a hard task. If you’re on your own you most likely don’t know what to look for, and what will best suit your needs. I’m going to explain some important aspects you should look for when choosing the best guitar for a…
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Using A Capo to Change Keys - Learn How to Use A Capo to Change Keys on Guitar
A capo is simple device that allows us to change keys on guitar quickly and easily. There are several types of capos around but in the essence, they all work in the same way – by pressing down the strings across the fret. It replaces the barre grip with your…
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Guitar String Thickness - How to Choose the Best String Thickness
A string is a part of guitar (or any other stringed instrument) which produces sound by vibration. Guitar strings can be either made of steel or nylon. Different materials will give them different sounds, but the string tone will also partly depend on its diameter. Lighter strings have smaller diameters…
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Robert Pattinson Pursues Music Career – Is the First Album Really on the Way?
Famous actor, mostly known for his role of Edward in the Twilight saga, was rumored to be making his first music album. It was stated by some US Weekly sources that Robert Pattinson could really release an album, where he would play guitar and sing his original songs.  It was…
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