Nikolaus Yvon (Street Articles Author)

Grown up in a musician family in Austria, I used to plunk on the piano what ever came into my head, instead of playing scales or Mozart as being told. 20 years later I found out that there exists another, a very different approach to making music than the one we are usually taught.

One of my life purposes is to publish my experiences of this relieving and healing, breathing and communicating way of making music, together with kids, adults and handicapped people. So many adults tell me that they are hopelessly unmusical and that they cannot make music although they desire it. And so many people are stunning: Wow, I didnĀ“t know I can do this...

Another important part of my life is to encourage people to do affiliate marketing, as I have come across a great community where I still can learn a lot, and where I can help other mates out when they got stuck. In my opinion, providing service to people is one of the magnificent life tasks we can fulfil.

Currently I am 41 years old, husband of Dani and father of two cute boys, Konstatin, 9, and Frederik, 5. We live in the beautiful little town Krems at the Danube.

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