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Wife, Mother, Singer/Songwriter, Pharmacist, Investor.

Nonny K is passionate about inspiring and encouraging people to live their life as completely as they can.

Being involved in the healthcare realm, I have always had a passion for helping people maintain their health and wellbeing holistically. This includes their self-image which can include losing weight, improving emotional health, learning to relax and take a deep breath in this crazy world.

8 Reasons to Feel Great Being A Woman
Today, I wanted to celebrate my femininity. So without further ado, here goes. 1. People underestimate your abilities. – Sometimes the element of surprise is an amazing advantage, you know. Wars have been won just because the seeming stronger side was not expecting the ‘weaker’ side to try so hard.…
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Focus on Strengths
Today, I came across this quote in Twitter.It’s your successes that define your right path. Listen to them and they’ll tell you what you’re good at.It was placed there by someone called lizstrauss – Not sure if it is her quote or not. Whichever way, it got me to thinking…
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Selling Yourself
Have you ever learnt to sell yourself? Or does the thought of it cause you to cringe? There are no two ways about it – everyone needs to learn to market themselves in order to get on successfully in life. You doubt it? Then the chances are you are not…
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Are You Ready Or Are You Amy?
Amy Winehouse…Wow, she was talented and yet she also seemed to be tortured. A lot of us would have loved to have her life and yet, she seemed to throw it all away and die a long time before she needed to.“They tried to make me go to rehab, but…
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