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Joseph here,

Don't know what's with me and topics this sort. .

Just a flame I may say, enjoy researching and writing about highly controversial issues!

WE have to face it, there's a lot of crap out there. . been a victim of wrong information sometime, cost me a lot of cash, time and resources. Since then, I don't swallow anything without first verifying it's authenticity.

Figured out there are folks like me out there too who are been nose-led into trash, and who could use genuine findings as a guide. .

These articles are for you,

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Ochia O. Joseph

Affiliate Marketing; The Right Number Of Programs (1)
In previous discussions, we have covered various aspects of affiliate marketing including the importance of joining the right programs and how joining the wrong programs could place one at an enormous disadvantage. In this discussion, we are going to throw some light on yet another important factor that determines the…
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Affiliate Marketing; The Setbacks Of Joining the Wrong Programs
In our previous articles, we got to know that our choice in the affiliate programs we join mark the difference between success and failure in our efforts to make a living through affiliate marketing. We also stressed that though some programs paid well, they simply weren't in good demand. It…
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Affiliate Marketing; Choosing the Right Programs
In previous articles, we have covered some major reasons why affiliates looking to succeed greatly in affiliate marketing should ONLY join affiliate programs that pay residual commissions; In this article, we are going to look at examples of programs that pay residual commissions and why they are among the best.…
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Legitimate Work at Home Job Opportunities
Sequel to the global economic meltdown of 2008, millions of people worldwide have suddenly found themselves out of jobs. Although, through no direct fault of theirs, employees, even multi-billion dollar industries were forced to lay off a large no of workers to prevent folding up.The question is "What happens to…
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Affiliate Marketing; Promoting For Residual Income
It is common knowledge that to succeed at affiliate marketing, one must choose the right affiliate programs to join. This step is very important as in most case, it usually spells out the difference between success and failure. A whole lot of people who would have succeeded at affiliate marketing…
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Affiliate Marketing; Why Affiliate Marketing?
When people come online looking for ways to earn a full time income or supplement their income,they usually face the problem of not having a product or service to sell. Even if they do, they usually do not have the require knowledge on how to successfully market their products/services online.…
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Performance Marketing; The Importance Of An Ad Tracker
Do you own an online business? Then you most probably already know that the lifeline of your business is dependent on how much traffic it gets. And to get traffic, you must advertise. When it comes to advertising, an expert marketer knows that there is no one "magic" ad that…
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