Ornit (Street Articles Author)

Hello everyone, I am Ornit, writer, photographer, and website owner. My website is about living a Healthy Lifestyle, offering some info on different health foods including selected nutritional tips that should spice up your daily diet routine!

Clarifying and saying I am not a medical expert or dietitian, I just love food and I care about my health enough to read and research and that's the stuff that works for me and I'm happy to share my selected info with you people!

Among my other life's passions beside food, there's always music in the background, traveling and photography. I've attended Photography college for 3 years, something that brought much light to my life, by all means. this and my travels are my life awakening journeys which gave me the irreplaceable gift of meeting so many fascinating people who made my life richer and turned me wiser, happier and much more motivated to live life to the fullest and apreciate friendship more and good health and the joy in cooking a tasty and healthy meal!

It's my turn to share the joy- healthy lifestyle can be a fun happy routine - you should know it!

Natural Libido Boosters
Libido refers to your sex drive and it can be powered by biological, psychological and even social factors. Life's Pleasures- Food and sexual desires are going hand in hand since the beginning of recorded human history. It is told that the ancient preferred such exotic aphrodisiacs as hippo snouts and…
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