Owen Johnson (Street Articles Author)

I started out in Internet marketing in 2002 with an ecommerce store selling high quality circular saw blades and since have branched out into other niches. In 2005 I developed a site and wrote an ebook titles Let's Talk, Man to Woman with the intent of helping women understand men better and improve their relationships with men. A few years later, having suffered with anxiety disorder for many years, I built a site called HelpWithAnxietyDisorder.com marketing programs to help people with this problem cure themselves.

I have published several articles on article sites in all three of these niches.

Buying Your Saw Blades At Home Depot? Three Reasons That's Not A Good Idea
The big “box” hardware and home improvement stores, like Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. are great places to buy tools. They have everything from screwdrivers to table saws, and usually a good selection of brand names at good prices. But, as you’ll see, they’re not the best places to buy saw…
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