Pamela Sherrod (Street Articles Author)

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Founder, Pamela Sherrod, has worked with many celebrities, including her writing partner, the late Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr. Pam was initially introduced to Altovise to help write her autobiography. The two women, however, teamed up to complete a request made by her famous husband. The late Sammy Davis, Jr., was the multi-talented Rat Pack star who'd started performing at the age of four. Since he never attended school, he couldn't read or write until he was an adult. Having always regretted this, Sammy urged his wife to reach out to young people and stress the importance of getting a good education. Pam and Altovise set out to deliver this message (and a very important spiritual lesson) in a musical they developed as a screenplay.

Pam's Past Involvements

During Pam's senior year at Howard University, she served as a Congressional Intern in the office of U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker. There, she attended Congressional hearings, conducted legislative research and helped prepare briefings for the senator. In the following year, she scheduled group tours of the White House and Capitol, and group meetings with the senator.

Pam later took a position at ABC News, with plans to transfer to the London bureau. In 1983, however, a pivotal moment occurred when a gunman stormed the ABC Washington bureau. Taking a security guard hostage, he threatened to blow up the building unless he was allowed to speak with, anchor, Peter Jennings on the air. During the siege, the building was evacuated, and when Pam decided to stay and help the producers with the show, she demonstrated a strong devotion to her career. The crisis was eventually averted, and two weeks later she was assigned to her first network show, Nightline.

In addition to Nightline, Pam helped produce programs such as World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, This Week with David Brinkley and Sunday World News with Sam Donaldson.

She later wrote articles for Black Enterprise and other publications, and eventually developed a serious interest in screen writing and video production. Her first video (short documentary) projects focused on a successful motivational program for students.

Throughout the years, Pam sensed a void in her life, and felt a strong desire to find her true calling. During a period filled with challenging health issues, she experienced a number of miracles that altered her view of the world. It led to a spiritual journey from which she'd eventually seek a role in ministry.

Pam is the author of Crossing the Burning Sands and The Last Chapter in the Life of Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr., and is the co-author of A Detour to Mexico. She notes that there's a spiritual message found in each of her books, and she's pleased to apply her experiences in a media-related ministry, knowing that it's the most fulfilling work she'll ever do.

Pam looks forward to publishing, producing and promoting compelling true stories as well as family-oriented fictional projects. She enjoys working with other writers, producers and production crews to bring compelling stories to the silver screen.

Pam sums it up this way: "If I could put my life on the line to work at a network . . . I could certainly devote the rest of my life to serving God. There's really no comparison."

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