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Be Prepared to Work Hard, Treat Your Business As A Business It’s Not Personal
Bruce from Chilli Bugs sells a massive range of hot sauces from all over the world, specialising in the hotter the better. Chilli Bugs is a family company which Bruce runs with his lovely wife Mel. They are based in Northampton have been successfully selling online for approximately 12 years.…
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“if You Love What You’re Doing Then Thing That You Love Will Follow Jeet From Blukoo
Jeet from Blukoo sells everything to do with health, supplements and healthcare. Jeet has been trading online with Blukoo for over 3 years. They are based in north London and Jeet is helped by 2 other members of staff. Hi everyone, Jeet from Blukoo shares his incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday!…
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“start Really Small, Have A Specific Niche Anthony From The Perfect Price
Anthony from The Perfect Price sells within the Health/Beauty/Wellbeing sector, specialising in products that are not always readily available on the High Street. Anthony runs The Perfect Price by himself, with the help of his wife with the admin. He has been selling online since 2004 and has ventured into…
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“just Do Your Best, Work Hard, the Customer is King” Dawn From Dawns Holistic Shop
Dawn started in 2006 studying Holistic Therapies in college for 4 years. From there she began to do Mind Body Spirit fairs, doing taster sessions and selling a few products. Dawn decided to bring the products she was already selling on to the internet whilst she wasn’t doing the fairs.…
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“embrace Change, Embrace Risk And Don’t Be Afraid Of Hard Work, Because it is A Lot Of Hard Work” Chris From Displaypro
Chris from Displaypro has been in business for over 11 years with his wife and large team of approximately 43 members of staff. Displaypro is a manufacturer, online and high street seller of display products and advertising media. Hi everyone, Chris from Diplaypro shares his incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday! Some…
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“concentrate on Market Sectors You Are Familiar With” Rob From Florence Nightingale Hospice
Rob is from the Florence Nightingale Hospice which is charity shop that sells online. They put a lot of effort into the online selling world to make money for that charity. Rob heads up the eBay operation and they also sell via their own website and has been working with…
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“concentrate on Customer Service, the Customer Always Comes First” Tony From Paws to Your Door
Tony from Paw to Your Door sells everything to do with the small pets industry. Paws to Your Door was established in 2000 as a pet food home delivery service in and around the Horsham area of West Sussex. The business has grown steadily since and October 2006 saw the…
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“really Do You Research on What You’re Going to Sell Jules From Present Provider
Jules from Present Provider sells a large plethora of present and gift ideas for all the family and started her eCommerce business 10 years ago in the green hills of Hertfordshire with her husband and father in law. Present Provider is still today a family run business with a small…
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Do What You Enjoy In Business And In Life If You’re Not Enjoying Something, Cut it
Colm from Ramboo Tools is based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. He has a very exciting business selling all types of tools. Ramboo Tools has been trading online from 2007, which is over 8 years. Ramboo Tools a small family business that Colm runs with his sister and small team that…
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“start Small And for Free, Begin In A Way Where You Have No Costs Michael From I Want Fabric
Michael Collins owns a website called I Want Fabric. He is based in Manchester although he is originally from Ireland. Michael started off with an auction house then moved on to eBay around 2010. He has been selling online for a number of years on eBay, Amazon and on their…
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Make Sure Your Deliveries Are Prompt, Customer Service is Excellent And Communication is Excellent, Customers Expect Nothing Less
David from Run Active has 2 aspects to his website, one is for the performance running market and his…
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