Pattie Freeman (Street Articles Author)

Pattie Freeman has a passion for her career just like athletes have for their sport. She uses the tool of Mental Sports Training and Hypnosis in helping her clients reach their full peak potential. Pattie is Certified Hypnotherapist and Specializes in Sports Mental Training. She has helped many Professional athletes prepare in enhancing their sports careers and Accelerate Sports Injuries. Pattie has been seen on FOX Sports "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" with Rob Dibble and John Salley, featured on WETV, NBC and ABC TV and many radio and TV interviews about sports. Pattie has help thousands of clients enhance their sports career with her visualization techniques. Her clients range from High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes. The sports enhancement sessions are to improve focus and concentration. It also improves their practice performance, warm ups and "the game". Sports is competitive and it's all mental. Now experience success in achieving your goals with Sports Hypnosis Visualization techniques with Pattie Freeman. Her new book is now out "The Edge" all about Hypnosis and Sports Mental Training.

Happiness, Wealth And You!
When you hear Self-Help everyone assumes there is a problem or an issue. Many have difficulties understanding the alternative method to gain results. By bringing Happiness into your life and gain confidence- You can reach your potential in more ways then you can imagine. Did you know... that the mind…
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