Paul Dean (Street Articles Author)

Hi. I'm Paul Dean and pleased and proud to be driven here by Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate.

I'm a freelance copywriter who writes primarily for the web and additionally for marketing collateral, including press releases, video scripts, audio ads, brochures, articles and the occasional fiction for fun.

I've written for the Financial Times, Money Marketing and numerous anonymous pieces for large UK plcs.

I also design websites, although WordPress has made that so simple that I've recently taken to advising on WordPress installation and set up and dropping the "design from scratch" part of the business.

I live in the UK, in the South West of England, on the Southern edge of the Cotswold Hills. My wife and I got together in 1971, got married in 1977, and we've been together ever since, producing a son aged 29 and a daughter aged 26.

I'm a Reformed Christian, worshiping at a Reformed Baptist church despite my not being a Baptist. Don't worry, they know, and tolerate me.

I also run a Retirement Advice business, which sees me running seminars several times a year, and I have spoken on finance in retirement as Principal Speaker on finance for the Ministry of Defence, HM Revenue and Customs, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Cabinet Office, The Department of Constitutional Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, the Scottish Office, Avon and Somerset Police, The Met Police, Greater Manchester Police, GCHQ, the Passport Office, CAFCASS and numerous Local Authorities and Pre-Retirement Councils.

Teaching Your Grammar to Suck Eggs
Over the decades, certainly here in not so sunny England, the plethora of successive Governments have experimented with our children's futures as they've introduced a multitude of new methods of teaching. At the top of the list of changes have been the Governments' introduction and subsequent removal of phonics and…
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I Am Unemployable, Thank the Lord
The birth of my first child coincided with the launch of my first voluntary bout of self-employment, which gave me time to look after him while "the current Mrs Dean", went back to work. I call her that despite the fact we've been together for 42 years. It keeps her…
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Why You Don’t Need A Professional Web Designer
I have finally given in. After many years designing websites for clients I have decided to stop, especially for small businesses. I quit, I capitulate, I give in, YOU WIN! Most small businesses and all big businesses need a high quality website. It was common in the good old days…
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New Revelation
Thoughts on the birth of my first grandchild - September 2012 - Written April 2013. They sat with their faces just inches apart. The younger, eyes crossed to focus on the nose of the elder, his head cradled in one large hand. The old man leaned forward slowly, deliberately, until…
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