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I was born and raised in Shelton,WA. I am a content writer, painter and Photoshop enthusiast. I have been writing a number of articles and other contents on real estate since a long time.

Where Can I Find House Appreciation Rates Olympia
Thurston County, like most counties throughout the nation sees a rise and fall in property prices throughout the year as factors like school being out for summer and the holidays impact people‚Äôs ability and desire to buy and sell a home. In Olympia, from February 2013 to January 2014 there…
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Amazing Deal Or Potential Nightmare
For many across the nation, owning waterfront property is a dream for most and a reality only for the rich and famous. While places like California and Florida see astronomical prices associated with any type of waterfront property, that is not the case in many counties in Washington State. In…
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