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Since 1960, I have been involved with music and audio equipment. It started in my mother’s kitchen by using her cleaning bowls as a drum kit. The next step was when I “borrowed” my father’s acoustic guitar (when he was out) and learned to play it.

At school, I made my first electric guitar and formed a group with the Headmaster playing drums. The fitness instructor playing rhythm guitar, the drama master playing bass and I played lead guitar. After leaving school, I formed my own group (as most of us did in those days) and was fortunate to meet and play with some great artists who are still with us today.

I finished school and served a four-year apprenticeship in Electrical and Instrumentation which gave me an excellent background in the basic understanding of the industry. But little did I realise how my studies would come into play later in life!


My direction changed and rather that play the music I began to work with live mixing and studio recording. I was always able to get a great mix and had the ability to create a musical picture. The positioning and re-positioning of audio equipment in the listening room came naturally to me and was always ready to help friends set up their audio systems and paint that musical picture.

Oil and Gas

In 1970 my life changed when I lost the urge to become rich and famous. I joined the Oil and Gas industry which was a tremendous challenge, but at the same time very rewarding and allowed me to keep up with my passion, high-end Audio. At the beginning of 2015, the oil and gas industry became very slow which told me the industry wanted a rest and many things began to change in my life.

Tannoy loudspeakers

Vilnius, Lithuania is my home and at the end of 2015; I became friendly with a group of Doctors who were all Tannoy Loudspeaker enthusiasts. My new friends were always trying to get the best from their audio systems and when I was able to show them my “System Setup” technique they were impressed to say the least!

Doctor’s orders

My Doctor friend advised me to get a name for my cables and bring them into the marketplace. My friend said because my cables sounded so good, every Audiophile needed to know they were available. This was “Doctors orders” so to speak and then by some twist of fate, I found a Canadian company called Wealthy Affiliate with whom I was able to create a website and my journey began!

Burn In
When I say BURN IN I mean not on the fire because I am talking about cable burn in! This is a very debated subject and the overall feeling is yes there is a burn in or break in period for audio cables. I would also like to say there…
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