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I emigrated from Scotland to live in Canada in 2005. I brought my family seeking new adventures and with the intention of setting up a new business. Then the recession struck!

I took a new direction and since then I have been helping people to restructure their debts and rebuild their credit since 2007. I take great pleasure in seeing my clients getting on with their lives after suffering a seemingly hopeless situation.

Having run a successful company and enjoyed the freedom of making my own decisions I have encouraged many of my clients to also try and develop their own additional income streams for financial security. I offer advice on the first critical steps of setting up a business and on keeping a healthy work / life balance. I also share some of the hard lessons I learned while setting up my own business.

Dealing With Creditor Calls
How to Stop Collection Calls Are you dealing with creditor phone calls night and day and getting totally stressed out? I am going to suggest some methods to dramatically reduce or even stop these calls. You need to know your rights and let the creditors know you know! Here is…
By:  in  Reference and Education  >  Financial Aid   May 21, 2013  
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What is A Consumer Proposal?
What is the difference between a Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy? There is much confusion today regarding the differences between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy. They both fall under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency act, deal with unsecured debts and adversely affect your credit but there are some very important differences which…
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Debt Relief Canada
How to get out of debt in Canada? Debt levels have soared in the last 10 years and more Canadians than ever are stressed out and needing help. What are your options for getting out of debt quickly and how do you get out of debt? Where is debt help…
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Recession Proof Home Business Ideas
Searching for recession proof home business ideas or a home based residual income? This article reviews some tried and tested recession proof home based business ideas to inspire you to take the plunge. I spent considerable time researching small businesses before opting to run a debt consulting practice and I…
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Review Of QR Code Generators
Use this article to help you decide quickly which QR code to use. Without going into too much detail, you scan these codes with a smart phone and get taken to a company`s website, contact details, social media, promotional video, survey form etc.They deliver an instant powerful message to the…
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QR Codes for Realtors
This article explains how realtors can boost their sales and exposure using the QR code. QR codes are all the rage now and they are popping up every where you look. The QR code is a small patterned block which may be printed on business cards etc then scanned by…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Internet Marketing   Dec 26, 2011  
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