Pedro Miranda Jr. (Street Articles Author)

I am one step away from getting my Bachelor of Science: Computer Information Systems from the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. I love to play tennis in my spare time as well as cycling and gradually pen my novel that I am currently writing. I am also working to create my first video games (2D video games, that is) for the latest smartphone devices. Oh yeah, music! I can listen to various types of music just fine but I prefer listening to classical music, symphony orchestra (I absolutely love Gustav Holst and his “Planets” suite :D :D ) and video game music which is orchestrated. Very nice listen if you ever get the chance. Oh, almost forgot! When I have the time, I am also fascinated with designing my own music using FL Studio (a wonderful commercial music editing software, I recommend it). Lastly, when I’m not doing ANY OF THE ABOVE (and my general chores are finished), I would be playing video games! I like various genres of games: RPGs, FPSs, Platformer, Hockey, Baseball and Adventure. But the type of games I love most of all are 2D video games, usually of the side-scrolling variety.
Writing A Video Game Review
Interested in letting other video gamers know about a certain video game? Writing a video game review might be just up your alley. In order to write a high-quality, informative and objective video game review, there is one preliminary step you have to complete first, which is as follows...Play the…
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How to Create A Video Game Character
Video game characters are the backbone of any story, not just video games. Without characters, you do not have a story (or a video game). Characters are real, authentic and portray the various emotions, states, moods in perpetually evolving circumstances that unfold through the natural progression of the story. Their…
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Love Action? Classic Brawlers Rule!
Do you love action?  Do you crave that adrenaline rush when you were a kid and wanted to channel it in a video game?  Let me tell you that nothing beats a good classic video game where you beat the crap out of unsuspecting enemies!  Using fists, equipped weapons or…
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Why 2d Video Games?
2D video games are fun, simple and engaging for the video game connoisseur.  With the advent of 3D video games and perpetually evolving digital technology in the forefront of global entertainment, it can be said that the 2D dimension may begin to feel left out, become obsolete and/or have no…
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Nostalgic for 2d Video Games?
Tired of 3D first person shooter games? Bored of the next game to clone "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare"? Disgusted at repetitive 3D action games with no originality whatsoever? Frustrated at 3D "beat 'em up" brawler games that try to take pieces of the old and incorporate new pieces but…
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