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I came to the conclusion, ages ago, that working for other people really sucks. You get treated worse than a dog, are paid peanuts, and spend the precious days of your one and only life making somebody else rich. Therefore, I went into business for myself---on the proverbial shoestring. Being dumb in business, I never made much money, but I had a lot of fun. Now, I have found the Holy Grail of Business---namely, the Wealthy Affiliate University. And I have become an Evangelist. Not a religious evangelist, but a Business Evangelist. I'm telling everyone who will listen all about the WAU. The message that I'm taking to the Masses is---You don't need to waste your life at a J-O-B. If you really, really apply yourselves at the WAU, before you know it, you will be supporting yourselves and all your loved ones in the style to which you all would dearly love to become accustomed. That's a fact! And, furthermore, start NOW, because time's a-wasting! Because you ain't getting any younger, you know---

Are You Looking For A Home Internet Business?
Why Do You Need A Home Internet Business? You've been unemployed for quite awhile. It's so hard to face the job search every day, isn't it? A home internet business would be the answer to a dream, but you might as well reach for the moon. Either one is totally…
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Think You're Gonna Get Rich Fast Online?
You've heard stories of people getting rich fast online through internet marketing. Those lucky folks have told their grouchy, inconsiderate bosses where they can stick their lousy jobs. Now those former wage slaves wake up at their usual hour, (because they have been doing it for so many years), only…
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Taxi Driver Job Murders
A taxi driver job, as opposed to, say, affiliate marketing on the internet, is a very dangerous way to make a living. OSHA, a few years ago, estimated that cab drivers had a far higher percent---21 to 33%---of homicides than any other group of workers. You rarely hear of homicides…
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Stories My Cleaning Lady Told Me
The name of my cleaning lady was Susan. Susan was attending nursing school at the time, and she needed some extra money. So she hired herself out to do housework. She acquired several clients besides me. On my days, after her work was done, we used to have lunch in…
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Is A Taxi Driver Job Worth the Danger?
The biggest advantage of a taxi driver job is the speed with which a person could be hired to drive a hack. The most important thing an applicant would need in order to apply is a commercial driver's license. Compared to, say, an MBA, that is a lot easier and…
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There Is No Such Thing As Race
"Race" is a made up concept. Anatomically, all people are the same, except for individual differences. The really big differences, such as skin color, hair texture and so on, were cause by evolution. Here's what happened way back when. Millions and millions of years ago, human beings arose---or came down…
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