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Joining street articles is my first attempt at article writing. I'm interested in world politics and economics and am a keen traveler. I'm a little concerned about the current financial condition of some of the western economies and am interested in helping people find ways to deal with whatever might happen over the coming months or years. Having said that I'm a great believer in the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Ignore the what is, focus on what you want for yourself and others and keep on taking steps, however small in the direction you want to go.

Money Makes The World Go Around
The Man in the Street Attempting to understand the root cause of a problem should, in theory, contribute to finding its solution. Applying this to the global financial situation however is not as easy as it sounds. For the man in the street, trying to identify who might have, or…
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Are We Living Through A Global Shift
The Shift Much has been written about the concept of a shared collective consciousness, the idea that although we appear separated by our names, bodies, race and identities, that we are all in fact connected on some higher level by a unified consciousness. Its been given many names, The Super…
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Global Financial Uncertainty: Ways To Protect Yourself
In a global economy that is quite evidently straining under the combined weight of consumer institutional and sovereign debt there are some who believe that at some point in the future the dam may burst making the 2008 financial crisis pale by comparison. Of course no one can predict the…
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Gold Vs Silver: Which Is The Better Investment
Should you buy gold or silver If you’d bought 1ounce of gold 10 years ago you would have paid less than $300, today's gold price is over $1600. In 2006 1ounce of silver would buy over 4 gallons of gasoline, today it will buy over 10 gallons. It seems evident…
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Why Buy Silver Now
Is Now The Right Time To Buy Silver The prudent and forward thinking Chinese government has been encouraging its citizens to buy both gold and silver for some time now and both metals can be bought quite easily in very small amounts simply by walking into a large shopping mall…
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7 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Gold And Silver
If you’re new to the subject, want to buy gold and silver but aren't sure of the best way to invest, your task can be made a lot easier if you arm yourself with a few basic facts and ask yourself the right key questions. 1 What are my reasons…
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Are Gold And Silver Wise Investments For 2012
Investing in gold and silver; If you're considering buying gold and silver for the first time you may be wondering about the best ways to invest and whether or not now is the right time to buy. Whilst many investors are proclaiming that gold is in a bubble, (after all,…
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