Pete Lorocco (Street Articles Author)

I have always had a camera hanging about somewhere to record life's journey and moments. In the day-to-day flurry of activity, we often forget to preserve the unique times of our lives for tomorrow.

When film was processed in hand tanks, before roller transport machines, and cibachrome was (and probably still is) the unchallenged medium for printing from diapositives, I was in there, elbow deep in developer, mixing my own formulas for the right solutions.

Things have come an incredibly long way since then.

Some things never change though- and one of them is that a photograph records a moment in time. The role of the photographer today is more social- he is a mingling being with a camera- as opposed to having once been a director and creator.

I shoot my weddings in a way that lets people looking at the work know that a professional captured those images. I manufacture my own directional lighting on set, and compute the numbers through my head in a heartbeat.

I hope you like the resulting images.

The articles I post here are written to help you achieve results, whether you are a budding photographer, bride or simply an enthusiast for all things photographic, there is sure to be an article here eventually, that's exactly what you have been looking for.

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