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My blog was formed with the interest of sharing my account of what goes on, in, and behind the scenes of the hospitality world. I have worked in the hotel business for over 15 years and served in multiple different positions.

Every country in the world has a hospitality industry and as long there are people who like to eat, drink and travel, there will always be work.

Hospitality employees work various hours and their shifts are irregular and constantly changing, We also work weekends and holidays, but that shouldn’t surprise you, it’s a 24/7 job and someone has got to do it! Everyday we meet new people, gain more experience and make someone else’s day. It’s kind of like the perfect job. If you think that you could benefit from becoming a hospitality worker or you’re interested in learning more, don’t wait get involved now and start adding some quality experience to the rest of your life today.

Chef's arse - When your job really is a pain in the arse.
What the hell is Chef's Arse when it's not just a pain in the ass! Working in the kitchen as a chef is hard work. But when the occupational hazard as chef's arse sets in to your underpant area things get a lot worse. A total pain in the ass!…
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August Escoffier.The king of chefs,The chef of kings.
How August Escoffier Created The Modern Restaurant August Escoffiier is cited as the main framework behind way we cook and eat in todays Kitchens & Restaurants. His vision and culinary clout made a completley different system from the old shambolic way things were being done behind the scenes and out…
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The Effects Of Night Shifts On The Body
The effects of shift work on body Working in the hospitality industry can be an incredibly rewarding career, however, the one area that seems to be the hardest to adapt to for newcomers are the shift patterns. Among Air Traffic Controllers, Factories and Hospitals and many other professional services there…
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Pro's and cons of working in a Hotel
Before falling into the trap of full time work in a hotel here of some of the worst scenarios to consider, the pros and cons of hotel work when exploring the advantages of working in a hotel on a full time basis. As an experience veteran to the hardships of…
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Good Etiquette With Hotel Guests
So what does it mean to have good hotel etiquette? and what is this phrase we hear in hospitality to practice good manners and etiquette? It basically comes down to having good manners and being polite in the way we act, dress and speak. For those of us that work…
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