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Sports Apparel - Then And Now
Sports gear, and especially sports apparel, has come a long way since the 1960's. With the enormous popularity of sports networks like ESPN and the crossover appeal of such athletes as LeBron James and Tiger Woods, sports are more popular than ever. Whether it was everyone wanting to be like…
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Expectations? Deal With It!
'That's it?!' 'That's all there is?!' ....How often have you thought this. Probably every day....about one thing or another. You see....Life is all about expectations that are, in many cases, unrealistic. Human nature! You're a sports fan. You look forward to Sunday. Your football team is playing a critical game…
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60's to 60 In Nothing Flat
It was a cold, clear day in late November. The year.….1971. This day in my life was more than just special. Special…..well….that’s a word that would apply to your first kiss….your first date….your first car….or, your birthday, for that matter. (Which, so happened, occurred the day before) On this day,…
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Sports In America - Can You Feel It?
Great American Ballpark….Cincinnati, Ohio…..early June….lazy summer day….breeze flowing through from the Ohio River. You are here with your family. A day at the ballpark. The Cardinals are in town. Great rivalry. Fifteen minutes until ‘first pitch’. Just settled into your seat, hot dog in hand. Ahhh…what a day. Can you…
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Dating - Not What It Used To Be
While we are on the subject of comparing what 'used to be' to 'what is', I will discuss dating. What?!....When did we get on the subject of 'what used to be'? Well, I guess you neglected to read my last article...'Back When'. So....go it. I'll wait........ OK....Now that we…
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Back When
As I attend the sporting events that my teenage daughter participates in, I have a tendency to observe my surroundings and reflect. I see her friends, how they act and react with each other, with electronic gadgets glued to their hands and ears. They are at one with today's social…
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Hopeless to Hope - My Story
No. This is not another rag to riches story. I don't have enough money for that kind of ending. It is also not another riches to rags story either....although that ending always looms as a possibility. No, this is more of a story of hopelessness to hope to....well, I'll check…
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Team Sports Or Academic Excellence? Compromise!
Your child is now a teenager. He or she is about to attend high school, comes to you and says, “Mom, Dad, I want to join the football team/soccer team / band / color guard / tennis team / cheer leading squad / (fill in the sport activity of your…
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Sunday Football - The True Meaning Of Life
So, here we are. Another Sunday morning. Early. Quiet. Wife and daughter still sleeping. Not me though. Can’t sleep. Why? Football, of course. Sunday football. Eagles on TV……. Someone once asked me if there is a purpose to life. A reason for the insanity of trudging through the years of…
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Teenage Daughter - Get Out Of Her Way
Raising a teenage daughter? So much has been written about how to parent a teenager…the dos and don’ts, the right thing to say or not to say, how to act or react….blah, blah, blah. One man’s opinion…’.Get out of her way’. I have a teenage daughter. (Obvious, huh) She’s 15,…
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