Peter Goodman (Street Articles Author)

In 1991 Peter Goodman was selling radio air time in Philadelphia, Pa., his first job out of college. It was then he heard the higher calling; "Move to San Francisco. Everybody is stoned out here and you can make lots of money."

Actually, Peter had graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1989 with a BA in Communications with honors. Wanting something more than row homes and cheese steaks, he packed up his VW Jetta and headed west.

Once in San Francisco, Peter sold advertising for two more radio stations, a magazine, a television station and then the nationally acclaimed local NPR and PBS affiliate. Tired of the bureaucracy of a large "it can't be done" organization, he cut the red tape and opened his own PR-Marketing Firm. After a year he was hired full time by a client, and now works for the largest independent investigative news bureau on the West Cost.

During all this time Peter also squeezed in two year-long stints as a disc jockey at AM and FM Rock Stations in Concord and Santa Rosa, California respectively. Probably the most technically inept DJ on the planet, he won his audiences over with his self-deprecating attitude and vast knowledge about rock and blues music. He was fired from his last Saturday morning radio show for refusing to play anything that was on the station playlist, as he didn't want to upset his listeners.

In 2011 Peter published his first book, Buzzkill, depicting his life with Bipolar Illness. It's been hailed as "raw, witty and a gripping roller-coaster ride that reads live a novel." He dedicated it to his thirteen year old daughter, who lives with his ex-wife in a suburb of San Francisco. In spite of all his efforts, Peter was unable to teach her to properly laugh at kids on the short bus or cut gym class. It's safe to say she inherited her maturity from her mother.

Peter also volunteers to work with lifers at San Quentin State Prison who are now getting paroled after serving twenty-five to thirty-years inside the old yellowing castle. Helping these men realclimate to society is the most fulfilling thing he has ever done.

46 and single, Peter is living on top of a convenience store in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. He makes it a point to never buy anything there because the expiration dates are from the early 70's. He loves running in the Marina, hanging out with his daughter, writing in coffee shops and going to vintage car shows. After 21 years living in San Francisco, he is still thrilled by little things like riding the cable cars or seeing the Golden Gate Bridge from his roof top.

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