Peter Watson (Street Articles Author)

Peter Watson is the Chief Executive of Platinum Homes - a building company that builds custom homes throughout Sydney and the Principal of Platinum Property Law - your one stop conveyancing and lease shop.

Peter has over 20 years experience in the property and building industries, including national project management experience gained in a major multi-national organisation and extensive experience in buying, selling, leasing and developing property.

In addition to his builder's licence Peter holds urban pest management and rigging certifications and a NSW Conveyancer's Licence. He has also completed the studies required for the issue of a NSW Real Estate Agent's Licence and has personally held such a Licence.

Peter also holds a business degree and has substantial financial experience which ensures that he has a sound appreciation of the time and budgetary decisions of his clients.

Peter is passionate about delivering homes that are 'beyond the imagination' of his clients and his vision for Platinum Homes is for it to be extraordinary. Peter sees every Platinum Home enduring into the future and being a testament for generations to come of what can be achieved through partnerships where each party truly wants the best for the other.

In relation to his conveyancing practice 'Platinum Property Law' Peter aims to demystify the buying, selling and leasing processes and provide an exceptional professional service to his clients. With an extensive network of contacts throughout the property and construction industries Peter is extraordinarily well placed to provide advice on any property or leasing related matter.

He can also assist with the preparation of Powers of Attorney to enable you to deal with your real and personal property should you be away or lose your mental capacity to do so. This removes the need for your family to obtain orders from the Guardianship Tribunal to deal with your property if you do not personally have the mental capacity to do so.

As the holder of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Peter is also very focused on training and continuous improvement. He constantly encourages his team to improve their skills and jump to the next level.

Platinum Property Law is your one stop conveyancing and lease shop.

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