Phil Vandermeer (Street Articles Author)

I started internet marketing after a 25 year stint in corporate America. Well, first I started a handyman business to pay the bills, and in 2010 built my first website on a very limited, part time basis. It has been a slow go, but that website has been picking up a little steam lately which has been very inspiring.

I am married to a wonderful woman and we had our first baby in 2010. Both my girls are wonderful and I feel very fortunate to have such a supportive wife and beautiful daughter. I enjoy playing the guitar and played in a few bands back in the late eighties and into the mid nineties. My only claim to fame is as an opening act for Pantera back when they were still a relatively undiscovered local Dallas Texas band. Oh, and I met Stevie Ray Vaughn at his practice warehouse on Ackard Street back in '83.

These days I am spread between my handyman business, internet marketing and fixing the foreclosure property we recently purchased. I look forward to increasing my internet exposure and networking with more people who are also interested in internet marketing.

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