Piroska Varga (Street Articles Author)

Business Woman - Professional Musician - Conductor - Teacher - Motivator -

Hungarian born Piroska Varga is a well-known choral expert, aural specialist and music educator throughout Australia. She is a graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary. She has taught and performed extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia. She has been associated with most major universities in Australia. As a conductor, she has been involved in large productions like the 2000 Sydney Olympic Arts Festival, the Multicultural Festival and the Renard opera performance series by Stopera in Canberra, The Festival of the Voices in Tasmania and the Symphony of a Thousand by Mahler at the Melbourne Convention Center. Piroska has been included in the 2000 Outstanding Musicians of the 20th Century and the One Thousand Great Intellectuals by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge.

Piroska is an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and following our dreams. Her aim is to help fostering a positive attitude and assist people to achieve well-being and financial security, while living a respectful life on this beautiful Planet with our fellow human beings. She runs a successful music studio and business online.

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Music, creativity, good nutrition, a happy life and helping others, what else do we need?

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Water, Water, Water! To Stay Young, Energetic And Healthy Drink More Water!
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How Many Times Do You Eat Daily?
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To Supplement Or Not To Supplement
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Reducing Wrinkles the Natural Way
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A Thought on Multiculturism And Sport
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The Art Of Conducting - No 1
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