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Hello everybody, PJ here. Thought I'd give everybody a shout out from Beautiful Crimson Tide Country. Today is the second day of March, it's 80°, and I'm dodging tornadoes and hail stones! When I'm not pulling for my beloved Crimson Tide,I enjoy cooking,any kind of electronic whatchamacallit gadgets,the weather, and my cats. I'm a full-time Internet marketer. I also help local businesses with their marketing campaigns. I'm semiretired due to health issues. I've had a series of small strokes that collectively have about wrecked me. You can follow me on twitter@thedotcomdude or you can like me on Facebook @pschuesslerjr. Smile! I'll see ya in the funny pages!

Catnip! Have You Told Kitty?
Have you told Kitty about the joys of catnip? It's kind of like when your mother told you about the birds and bees! Really,it's that important! Sending your Cat through life without knowing about catnip it is kind of like your mother sending you to life never having told you…
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