Powtoonist (Street Articles Author)


I'm Jojo from Cebu, Philippines.

I do love my day job (been there for more than a couple of decades now), but I do have other interests. One of them is Powtoon. I may not be a cartoonist but I'm definitely a Powtoonist.

I'm a happy family man and my other love falls on running, coffee and online tinkering (not sure though about this word but I do love to retire tinkering on keywords and creating contents out of them).

I'd be happy to contribute to this community. In fact, one of my purposes of joining is to be of value to the rest of the community, regardless if you're a member or a guest.

See you around...

What I Hate About Mlm Today
What I hate about MLM is probably the same as everyone else's who didn’t make it big or is not making any great progress in network marketing a.k.a MLM, direct marketing or pyramid schemes. I may have some shares of successes in the 13-year span as a part-time network marketer,…
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